Diabetes Self-Management and Education Program (DSMEP)

Mission:Improve the diabetes management and diabetes outcomes of uninsured diabetic Latino patients whose uncontrolled blood sugar levels pose a major threat to their health.


DSMEP operates through the UC Irvine Outreach Clinic located at Lestonnac Free Clinic in the city of Orange, Orange County, CA in partnership with the Health Scholars Program. DSMEP is coordinated by UC Irvine medical students and Health Scholar volunteers.

DSMEP is an eight-month program that meets one Saturday per month from October to May. There are approximately 12 patients and 12 HSP volunteers who are trained as case managers.

Patients are partnered with a case manager for the eight months and get one-on-one counseling from the case manager in class and over the phone. Case managers facilitate patients’ medical appointments and assist patients in connecting with resources

Typical Saturday Class Agenda

8:00AM - All case managers arrive at the clinic to look over patients’ charts and help set up the room.

8:30AM – Patients who have a physician’s appointment arrive.

9:00-9:30AM – All other patients arrive. Optional walking group.

9:30-10:00AM – Patients and case managers meet one-on-one.

10:00-10:10AM – Breathing exercise.

10:10-10:40AM – Class.

10:40-11:30AM – Three patients share their experience with last month’s action plan.

11:30-12:00PM – Create new action plan.

12:00PM – See you next month!

2014-2015 Class Topics and Important Points

October - What is Diabetes?

  1. Definition of diabetes & blood sugar levels
  2. Symptoms
  3. How to use a glucometer

November – Diabetes In More Detail & Anatomy

  1. Definition of HbA1C
  2. Vital organs affected by diabetes
  3. Medications and vital organs

December – Nutrition Part #1

  1. Fast and healthy cooking demonstration
  2. Healthy food options
  3. Food portions and serving sizes

January – Exercise/Cardiovascular Disease

  1. Types of exercises
  2. How much should one exercise?
  3. Importance of exercise for a healthy heart

February – Neuropathy, Retinopathy & Oral Health

  1. Neuropathy affects our nerves
  2. Retinopathy affects our eyes
  3. Periodontal disease

March – Nutrition Part #2

  1. How to read a nutrition facts label
  2. Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
  3. The different aisles in a grocery store

April – Depression & Stress Management

  1. Difference between depression and stress
  2. Diabetes and stress
  3. Strategies to manage stress

May – Graduation

  1. Game show on diabetes-related topics covered in class
  2. Completion certificates given to patients for successfully completing the program
  3. Survey patients about the class

1215 E. Chapman Avenue
Orange, California 92866

(714) 633-4600

SSRFC Presenters:
Gabriela Pauli. MS3. DSMEP Co-coordinator.
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Miriam Ramos. Biological Sciences, B.S. DSMEP Co-Coordinator.
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