Healthy Navigators


The Health Navigators program is focused on serving the medically underserved population of Santa Ana by connecting patients to a range of community-based resources.


The Health Navigators program is composed of passionate volunteers whose main goal is to assist the medically underserved population of Santa Ana. Health Navigators accommodate patients by connecting them to several resources that can range from clothing, to transportation services, or medical appointments. By assisting patients with resources, Health Navigators improve the quality life of patients by teaching them to better manage their health. The main support system Health Navigators prioritize are informing patients about different community resources available that best suit their needs. Overall, Health Navigators serve as patient advocates by instrumentally assisting them to overcome barriers in accessing community-based resources.

Health Navigators Offer:

  • The Health Navigators Program currently operates at the UCI Family Health Center in Santa Ana Monday through Friday
  • There are currently 25 HIPPA trained Health Navigators
  • Health Navigators have successfully connected 339 patients to their needed resource

Health Navigators Research:

Health Navigators has IRB approval for HS# 2015-1943, "Beyond the Prescription: Improvement of Patient Self-Efficacy after interacting with Health Navigators." Abstract presented at the Latino Health Equity Conference at California State University, Long Beach in April 2015, and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program at UC Irvine in May 2015.