Weight Management Class


Our Mission:

The goal of the Health Scholars Weight Management Class is to provide support, instill confidence in nutrition and components of healthy diet. Patients will learn information about nutritional needs using the healthy plate, nutrition guidelines and the plant-based Mediterranean model. The Health Scholars health coaches will create a supportive and safe environment for patients to address food issues while gaining knowledge about healthier eating habits with the help of their fellow participants and health coaches. Concepts such as mindful eating will be addressed. We hope to introduce behavioral modification solutions to address issues like emotional eating, food triggers and cravings. Patients will be educated on ways to stay active and less sedentary. Every meeting will include time set aside for an exercise activity.

Health Scholars (HSP) Weight Management Class (WMC) offers:

  • WMC is a six-month program that will meet twice a month for two hours from August-December
  • 10-15 targeted patients will be coached by 15 Health Scholar health coaches
  • HSP Health Coaches will be trained and have standardized protocols & are supervised by medical doctor
  • Patients will be partnered up with a health coach for six months and get 1:1 support in class and outside of class


  • Patients get personalized Weight Management coaching with HSP trained volunteers
  • Billable visits for Weight Management patients visits for Diabetes Health Education class
  • Targeting health center vulnerable population to be connected to an onsite resource
  • Decreasing the visits patients make to emergency departments because of complications with Diabetes
  • HSP volunteers are trained to collect and interpret data for health center future funding

Spanish Class-2nd Tuesday & 3rd Tuesday of the month

A Typical Weight Class:

4pm ⇨ Health Scholars help set up for class
4:30pm ⇨Patient registration
5pm ⇨Health coach takes vitals of patients for group visit
5:15pm ⇨Mind-Body breathing exercise
5:20pm ⇨Topic of the day; group discussion with doctor
5:45pm ⇨Stretching Exercise
5:50pm ⇨Topic of group discussion continues
6:20pm ⇨Raffle of the day/annoucements
6:30pm ⇨Class concludes